Tree of Heaven Flowers. OSU at Marion June 12, 2008 Not exactly a popular tree, Ailanthus altissima (tree-of-heaven, family Simaroubaceae) is a very fast growing weed of roadsides, open woods and edges of woods. It’s flowering now. Big whoop. tree … Continue reading →

June 6, 2008 Little Lookalike Legumes Marion, Ohio There are several clovers and clover relatives that have small heads of yellow flowers. These are members of the pea or legume family, Fabaceae, that have individually small flowers arranged in heads … Continue reading →

An Invasive Meltdown

   “An Invasive Meltdown” (Excellent Columbus Dispatch article on invasive plant research) June 3, 2008 Today’s Columbus Dispatch has a terrific article by Spencer Hunt focusing on a study by the U.S. Forest Service and OSU Plant Ecologists. The heart of … Continue reading →


OSU at Marion: Native(ish) Invasion of Butterweed (Senecio glabellus) May 29, 2008. Last week I saw a striking display of a native perennial prairie herb, golden ragwort (Senecio aureus) at the Larry R. Yoder Prairie on the OSU at Marion … Continue reading →

Bastard Toadflax

BASTARD TOADFLAX AT OSU-MARION PRAIRIE While the bio students caught insects for the “animal diversity” lab, the instructor re-visited a spot where bastard-toadflax recently appeared in great profusion. Now more of the plants are flowering. Golden ragwort (Senecio aureus, family … Continue reading →